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Curriculum Vitae
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A Career dedicated to the Medical Profession

  • Entrepreneur

  • Problem Solver 

  • Innovator

  • Strategic Developer

  • Negotiator

  • Leader 

  • Communicator 



Expert Witness with court experience in malpractice and negligence. Expertise based upon experience as a researcher with books in 3 languages and over 100 scientific articles on orthopedics and rehabilitation, speaker at international and national conferences, clinician (orthopedics, fall risk and sports medicine with both Olympic and Professional Athletes), and close working realationship with orthopedic surgeons to describe new surgical procedures and outcomes.  



FIT-HITS, Fitness-Health Incorporating Technology Systems, Inc. 

Responsible for all aspects of startup company. Developed several patented, web-based, interactive and globally scalable processes that deliver customized health and fitness programs. The programs are research based and outcomes are measured. Developed flexible communication plans to maximize the applications of the patents. (#6,740,007 and 7,591,760).


EDUCATA, on online continuing education company 

Strategically led, developed and launched a global online continuing education and training company for licensed rehabilitation  professionals in 101 countries. Responsible for content and processing content.  Within 7 quarters the company was identified as the #1 or #2 online CE company in brand recognition and #1 in user experience. Developed internet marketing strategies to include partners in professional and commercial, global and national arenas. Crafted an internet marketing strategy to rapidly ramp membership. Developed market-specific and generational specific, communications and marketing plans. Responsible for all budgeting and financial matters. Identified and implemented a win:win:win go-to-market revenue share strategy for all shareholders.


Health Care Research & Management, A Health Care Consulting Company 

Developed, coordinated, marketed, communicated and implemented systems and processes by which clients can create and enhance research and management practices. Conceptualized and created educational materials.



CRCA, A Health Care Consulting Company 

Responsible for business opportunity studies and turn-key operations. Instrumental in leading the company to new opportunities in acquiring new contracts, building new health care facilities, and managing existing facilities.


Department Director, Centinela Hospital and Medical Center Research Laboratory 

Developed a research and training program with internationally recognized physicians. Worked across multiple teams in a matrix organization. Responsible for project management of multiple projects simultaneously. Consistently delivered projects on schedule. Published three books (in English, Japanese and Korean) and more than 100 scientific articles. Lectured internationally at key scientific congresses and meetings. Recipient of three national research awards. Recipient of a 5-year longitudinal epidemiological cohort research award from Major League Baseball to study the history of injuries and impact of risk factors. Initiated and/or facilitated promotional and public relations activities which resulted in 15 major media spots in one year alone. Developed new healthcare business in rehabilitation and orthopedics. Developed and implemented strategies for multiple departments that included growth, staffing, physical plant and policies.


Research Director, Mount St. Mary's College

Employed system analysis skills to creatively resolve faculty and curriculum issues in education.  Developed an unique collaborative model that resulted in higher productivity and cost effectiveness for the academic and clinical practice environments.  The model was acknowledged by the national academic accrediting body (American Physical Therapy Association)  as a creative and strong model which could be deployed nationally.  Voted by the students as the faculty member they desired to deliver the commencement address.



Olympic Games and UCLA Village

Developed policies and procedures related to staffing, equipment and management of the Physical Therapy Department at the UCLA Olympic Village. Awarded most valuable individual contributor at the UCLA Village Medical Center.Consulted with the Seoul Olympic Committee on medical services.



United States Olympic Training Committee Elite Athlete Project
Analyzed athlete performance to maximize performance. Publicly acknowledged for contributing to the numerous gold medals won by the USA, and for developing a high-technology training team that allowed the USA to exceed performance over the East Germans and Russians.



Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital
Orthopadics, Sports Medicine, Neurological Rehabilitation, Balance and Falls.


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