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As CEO of this online education company since 2008, I have conceived and implemented strategies that resulted in 50% market penetration in the U.S., and a considerable international presence. With a brand recognized for quality and significant national and international partnerships, EDUCATA ranks high among my proudest accomplishments.

What others are saying about Educata:

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What partners say about Marilyn & EDUCATA:

“I was one of the first e-Professors to join EDUCATA, putting my vestibular rehabilitation course online with the company in 2009. I was convinced at the time that EDUCATA had the technical know-how to deliver quality online know-how; the correct philosophy in regards to education; the marketing reach to bring views to their website; and a solid business reputation. Eight years later I still feel the same about the company and its principals: Marilyn Pink and Michael Weinper.” Rob Landel, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAPTA. 

“ The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) have had the pleasure of working with EDUCATA for over five years.  Over the course of the relationship, EDUCATA has worked with about five different employees at the APA, all of whom have reported an excellent working relationship with them. EDUCATA is responsive and quite capable; they’ve been flexible to adapt when our needs have changed and have been very creative at exploring viable business opportunities for us. They are consistently looking for Win:Win opportunities for both parties.”  Shannon Bessell, Manager, Professional Development, Australian Physiotherapy Association.

“As president (of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia -- PTAG), I saw this as an opportunity to add non-dues revenues for PTAG and a way of providing value to our members. I looked around for a partner in this endeavor and found Marilyn Pink and EDUCATA to be the perfect vehicle for our plan. I am proud of my contribution to this project and finding EDUCATA as a partner was the reason it was a success. “ Dr. RM Barney Poole. PT, DPT, FAPTA

“From the start, our dialogue with Marilyn Pink, CEO was exceptional. As a clinician, her insight to what her peers sought in online learning opportunities was spot on and this helped to guide our thought process on what type of course would best be delivered online and cobranded with EDUCATA for the Institute. As a business person, she fully respected the reluctance from our International Institute board, who owns the McKenzie IP, to release any proprietary material. Clearly, Marilyn and Michael established EDUCATA with the principles of integrity, fairness and trust at its foundation, and any worry was quickly eliminated.” Stacey A. Lyon, Executive Director, The McKenzie Institute USA

What customers say about EDUCATA:

"Excellent lecture! I learned a lot!” Elieser R.,PT, about the Mobility Disability lecture of the Aging Adult course

“I found this lecture very helpful with the different sports and specifics with shoulder mechanics/muscle activation.” Christine W., PT, about the Shoulder in Sports course

“Well done! Found the graphics especially helpful.” Catherine N., PT, about the Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Therapists course

“The material was presented in a manner that allows the student to go to the clinic and perform appropriate treatments for patients with vestibular problems.” Gregory B., PT, about the Dizzy and Imbalance Patient course

“Loved the course! Information was well presented, with practical examples and treatment options.” Kaitlin J., PT, about the Treating Swimmers with Painful Shoulders course

“Great course!” Brian M., PT, about the Practical Approach to CA PT Law course

“I enjoyed this course. It was easy to follow and all the content makes sense. I will definitely be implementing it in my work." Melinda C., PT, about the Spaced Retrieval Step by Step course

“Loved this course! So practical! I work in home health and soaked in all this information :-) Thank you!” Nikele H., PT, about the Management of Patients with Dementia course

“Very well presented! I could not imagine that I would be able to understand the complexities of lymphatic system anatomy and physiology as well as the mechanics of edema information in such a short period of time I hope the rest of the modules are presented the same way.” Michelle E., PT, about the Comprehensive Management of Edema course

“I've been taking these many years now. This is by far the best provision of applicable information and definition of ethics/morals that I have seen, particularly in relation to gaining ethical maturity through reflection on situational decision making. This individualizes the learning experience as we all have experienced some level of moral judgment in our personal or professional lives. Thank you, Sandy.” Caren B., PT, about the Georgia Ethics for Physical Therapists course

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